Upgrade to SOLiD 5500xl

Monday 29 August 2011

The new instrument uses two microfluidic flow chips, each with six independent lanes.  This allows uers to perform different types of experiments (for example exome sequencing, RNA-seq, and ChiP-seq) in the same run.   The 5500xl is a benchtop system with integrated monitor and desktop computer.  It uses a robotic reagent delivery system that tracks reagent use and provides quality checkpoints throughout the workflow.  Real-time data processing means that no compute cluster is necessary.  It uses the EZ Bead system for library preparation.  The 5500xl will initially deliver up to 180 gigabases of mappable data per run, using 2 x 60-base mate pairs.  The manufacturer reports that the instrument's throughput is 20 to 30 gigabases per day, and it will generate 2.8 billion tags in a paired-end or mate pair run.  Run times vary between a day for a single lane of 35-base reads and 7 days for a 75 x 35-base mate pair or 60 x 60-base paired-end run.

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