We sell a range of commonly-used reagents and plasticware to assist clients prepare their samples for processing at the BRF. 

The following list of products is subject to change.

Nucleic acid quantification

Bioanalyser chips

  • RNA 6000 Nano LabChip v2
  • RNA 6000 Pico LabChip v2
  • DNA 1000 LabChip
  • DNA 7500 LabChip
  • High sensitivity DNA LabChip

Qbit reagents 10 reactions

Sequencing supplies

  • Big Dye (50µl, 100µl, 1ml)
  • Pop-7 (25ml)
  • Formamide HiDi

Real-Time reagents

  • Power Sybr Green kit 5ml
  • Taqman kit 5ml (Universal PCR Master Mix)

Mass spectrometry

  • MALDI plate 384 well


  • 96-well plates for 7500
  • 384-well plates with barcode
  • Optical tubes (strips)
  • Optical caps (strips)
  • 384 qPCR Optical Adhesive Covers
  • epMotion tips 1-50µl
  • Covaris tubes

Hard drive

  • Lacie 1TB hard drive

Fluidigm kits & reagents

  • 48x48 EvaGreen gene expression arrays
  • 96x96 EvaGreen gene expression arrays
  • 48x48 TaqMan gene expression arrays
  • 96x96 TaqMan gene expression arrays
  • 48x48 TaqMan genotyping arrays
  • 96x96 TaqMan genotyping arrays
  • Single cell 48x48 Taqman gene expression arrays
  • 48.770 digital arrays
  • 12.765 digital arrays
  • A variety of associated reagents


Order form

To purchase, please place an order using dnaLIMS, print and sign a paper copy of the order and bring it to the BRF to collect the items.

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