Order forms

Here are order forms for all services except those accessed via dnaLIMS. If you need more information about a service before placing your order, please go to the relevant section under Our Services. You will be able to access the order form from there.

High Throughput Sequencing

HiSeq 2000 order forms

BRF-made library (DOCX, 140KB)

Customer-made library (DOCX, 146KB)

HiSeq 2500 order forms

BRF-made library (DOCX, 140KB)

Customer-made library (PDF, 147KB)

MiSeq order forms

BRF-made library (DOCX, 32KB)

Customer-made library (DOCX, 33KB)

Nextseq 500 order forms

BRF-made library (PDF, 31.99KB)

Customer-made library (PDF, 32.49KB)


GS FLX 454 order form (PDF 63KB)

Ion Torrent

Ion Torrent sequencing order form (PDF 63KB)

SOLiD 5500xl

Order Form (PDF 72 kb)


Microarray request form (PDF 67KB)

Other services

Tetramer synthesis

Tetramer synthesis order form (PDF 63KB)

Purification & expression

Immunoglobulin Affinity Purification order form (PDF 51KB)

Mass spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry Analysis request form (PDF 68KB)


Chromatography order form (PDF 46KB)

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